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IWA Technical Services, Inc. (IWATSI) has been identified as one of the top consulting firms by Mission Critical Communications magazine (2016).

We design projects and systems that have unique requirements that fit into the mission critical category needing 100% reliability, redundancy, and resilience.

Our customer base includes public safety agencies (law /fire/EMS), utility companies, hospitals, manufacturing companies, Department of Defense units and other federal agencies, transit and transportation agencies/companies, building owners, 911 districts, and entities that have the need for mission critical communications systems.

As part of the requirements for good communications, the systems must meet the needs of the clients, including coverage where it is needed, simplicity in its operation and maintenance, costs within budgets, ongoing expenses within budgets, and FCC authorizations to meet these system requirements.

Only if the engineering is performed in a clear, concise, and methodical manor will the system function as designed.

Every new system or system upgrade requires skilled engineers to be on-site to have a first-hand knowledge of the operating environments, and the necessary experience to design a new or upgraded system that will function properly.  

Engineering is more than software models and pencil and paper calculations.

The second part of each system implementation also requires that all components meet the specifications as listed in the design.

We have found that just because a component is new out of the box, it may not meet the specifications that was published for that component.

We pride ourselves on owning and routinely implementing the proper test equipment to confirm that each and every component that we design into a system performs up to the specifications for that component.

Along with factory staging, we field verify the results of each and every test performed to ensure that the components and systems are functioning as designed.

The systems that we have designed and installed run the gamut for just a simple single site, single channel analog system, to multi-site, multi-channel, simulcast / voted digital trunking systems that cover multiple counties, wide area paging systems, SCADA systems, multi-site dispatch systems, distributed antenna systems for cellular, paging, public safety, and internal business channels, and microwave or fiber optic signal distribution systems.

Engineering hierarchy of design ranges from needs analysis, conceptual design, FCC licensing, component specifications, procurement, installation, optimization, commissioning, project management, system documentation, to end user training.

Many of the projects are performed as an EF&I project.  This means engineer, furnish and install the turnkey system.

Other items that we can perform as part of the engineering of a project includes:

  • NEPA Studies
  • RF interference analysis
  • Range prediction studies
  • RF interference mitigation

Since we are independent from any manufacturing company, many of the major equipment manufacturers will either use us directly for some of their projects or recommend us to their clients to be included as part of the projects.

Because of our unique experience in some of the most complex radio paging systems in the world, we are able to include paging as one of the areas of expertise that our clients call upon us to engineer and troubleshoot their equipment as the need arises.

We also act as a neutral third party, working as our costumers advocate, acting as project manager or doing due diligence for our clients to confirm that a project was performed per the original bid specifications.

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