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 All communications systems require ongoing maintenance.  IWA Technical Services, Inc. (IWATSI) has been involved with maintaining radio and wireless communications systems since 1966.

The key to providing proper maintenance is to have a complete understanding of the system design, as well as having the appropriate test equipment and knowledge of how to use the test equipment to the fullest extent.

IWATSI has all of the necessary test equipment to ensure that every component of a system can be checked for proper operation.

As the communications systems evolved with the changes in technology, they have also become much more complex in their operation and sophistication. All systems proposed and maintained by IWATSI have high reliability as part of the system design, and may include redundancy.

Service usually occurs under two different scenarios.

  1. A problem in a component of a system usually means a disruption of service, and must be attended to immediately. We offer 24/7/365 telephone support and overnight equipment delivery where applicable.
  2. Performing routine periodic maintenance that looks for issues and corrects them before the problem can disrupt service. We offer full service maintenance contracts in order to keep your system reliable.

Planned maintenance helps reduce the disruption of service, and is an essential part of providing good reliable service.

IWATSI can provide maintenance contracts on any system.  All maintenance contracts include annual on-site inspections of the systems.  This includes onsite testing of the entire system, maintenance diagrams to always be current, and also provides technical and operational training to personnel.  Any outdated or malfunctioning equipment is also addressed as part of these inspections.

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