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GROL Pre-Registration

Thank you for beginning the GROL Test Preparation registration process.

Before continuing you must have an FCC FRN number.


CLASS COST $1,500.00*


Total Cost: $1,550.00


ETA is providing all of the FCC testing services.

Although supplemental study books are not required, we highly suggest:

GROL + RADAR by Gordon West

 “There are many free learning tools on the web that can be used to help you drill and take practice tests”



Element 1: Basic radio law and operating practice with which every maritime radio operator should be familiar. To pass, an examinee must correctly answer at least 18 out of 24 questions.

Element 3: General Radiotelephone. Electronic fundamentals and techniques required to adjust, repair, and maintain radio transmitters and receivers. To pass, an examinee must correctly answer 75 out of 100 questions, from the following categories:

          • operating procedures
          • radio wave propagation
          • radio practice
          • electrical principles
          • circuit components
          • practical circuits
          • signals and emissions
          • antennas and feed lines

FCC testing fees are built into the cost of the class and will be provided by ETA with certain restrictions as follows:

      1. Call ETA to schedule your tests
        (800) 288-3824
        (765) 653-8262
        (765) 653-4287
        Business Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm EDT
      1. Both Elements 1 & 3 must be taken at the same sitting.
      2. The price includes remote proctoring through ETA’s online proctoring partner, ExamRoom.AI. You will need to fill out the Remote Proctoring Examinee Registration Form when you are ready to test. After filling out the form, you will receive instructions on how to complete the process.
      3. If you pass your exams, ETA will file them on your behalf with the FCC. The FCC will then notify you via email (authorizations@fcc.gov) when your new license has been granted, and will include a link to access the official copy of your license.
      4. FCC license applicants must complete the FCC Form 605 & Schedule E paperwork. ETA has provided a fillable form for your convenience.


      1. Email, Fax, or Mail the completed paperwork to ETA International:
        ETA International
        5 Depot Street
        Greencastle, IN 46135
        Fax – (765) 653-4287
        Email – eta@etai.org

Any questions regarding testing and or proctoring must be directed to ETA.

Refund Policy: No Refunds

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